Some Thoughts on Sports and its Fans at the End of my Sports Fast

I’ve been on a sports fast since the beginning of football season.  I haven’t been perfect as I’ve checked the occasional score or stat here and there.  It was impossible not to know who won big games since Facebook and Twitter give you up-to-date info and emotions on sports.  In addition, I would watch a … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Sports and its Fans at the End of my Sports Fast

And the Winner Is….

John Calvin blew out Jonathan Edwards to be crowned the first ever Reformadness champion! Thanks everyone for participating (and arguing with grace).  :-)

ReforMadness Final!

We are down to our final two Reform theologians.  After beginning with 64 Reformed theologians – from Martin Luther to Meredith Kline – we are down to (surprise, surprise) two no. 1 seeds:  John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards. Calvin never really had any difficulty in getting to the final round.  In fact, only two people … Continue reading ReforMadness Final!

Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

The Granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania, is this Sunday.  While I’ll be preaching an evening service that night, big sweaty men in spandex will be grappling each other in front of 70,000 people….just for kicks. I like doing Wrestlemania predictions every year.  I don’t follow the product like I used to, so here is my … Continue reading Wrestlemania 29 Predictions